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The Top Pixie Haircuts of All Time

What are those pixie hairstyles which have been living in public imaginations for a long time? Of course, here we talk about short haircuts of stars and celebrities who are familiar to us from cinema, red carpets, glossy magazines.

Of course, to part with long hair is very difficult. But many celebrities finally solve the question how to cut their hair. Hollywood beauties say goodbye to their long strands and curls and demonstrate an example of not only courage but also of a practical approach.

The name of the haircut, which has become popular among stars, is the cute “pixie.” By the way, it popped up in 1953, after Audrey Hepburn made it for the Roman Holiday movie. Her Princess Anne cuts her strands in a protest. A bold decision for those times – and this stand made this boyish style incredibly popular. Since then, at various times, this option was enjoyed by such famous women as Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Lisa Minnelli, Madonna, and many others.


On the site, you will find a collection of the most irresistible looks.

  • Lily Collins

This actress and singer has once again refuted popular stereotypes. Her pixie which Lily recently has decided to update and make even shorter, creates a very gentle and romantic image, check it there. Now Collins is alike to the legendary Mrs. Hepburn.






  • Kristen Stewart

The image of Kristen Stewart, on the contrary, is daring and even a bit brutal. During the filming of the Twilight saga, she had to be with long hair, but as soon as the work on the project was over, the actress hurried to change this radically. By the way, this choice is close to Stewart since childhood. And in one of the interviews, the star said: “If you look at my photos at the age of 14 or 15, you will not distinguish me from my brothers. I completely looked like a guy! ” Follow the link and check.



  • Charlize Theron

For the first time, she enjoyed this option not on her own, but for the sake of a new Mad Max: Road of Fury movie. And she had even shaved her head. While her hair grew, Theron chose not to appear in public with her head uncovered. But as soon as she made a pixie, which could be dyed again in her favorite platinum color, the actress proudly showed it off. Many beauty experts and fans admit that they cannot say with certainty when Theron looked more attractive – before or after a new solution.



  • Anne Hathaway 

This lady sacrificed her appearance to art. They say that she cut her hair in pixie for one movie not easily, but the transformation was so successful that Ann has decided to keep her short strands until now (The Miserable appeared on the screens in 2012). She is experimenting a lot with a new look: applies some gel for an elegant image, combs back, and makes curls. Once she has even dyed them in blonde. In general, she manages to be different on every occasion.



  • Jennifer Lawrence

4Immediately after visiting the hairdressing salon, the actress posted her photo on Facebook and received a lot of enthusiastic reviews from fans. Even if she had had doubts, then after such high praise, they have all disappeared.