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Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair

Pixie became a fashionable style more than 60 years ago. That’s when American models and actresses started to choose this kind of hairstyles for the first time. Since then, pixie has only gained popularity because it is perfect for blondes, brunettes, and red. In this article, we will take a closer look at this option for thin hair.


Top Features

With the help of pixie, you can create a very different image. It is performed on thin short and medium-length strands. Today you can be an elegant lady at work, and tomorrow – the fatal star on the dance floor.

  • Pixie is a rather bold option that most often completely opens the neck and ears area.  Sometimes partially, on one side only. 
  • Tips of the hair seem to stick out, and the bangs are created elongated. This effect is achieved through special hairstyling, for example, with the help of wax or mousse.
  • Different lengths of hair and slightly torn ends make the hair fluffy and voluminous.
  • This haircut is very easy to style. You can add volume to your thin locks even at home with only a comb, dryer, and lacquer.
  • For summertime, it is what you need, because with such a solution is very comfortable and cool. Moreover, all kinds of bangs are combined with it.
  • Pixie is considered the best variant for thin and sparse hair, as torn ends can boost the hair volume.
  • For such a style, there are no restrictions to the age and complexion. It looks equally good on girls and mature women.
  • It is especially suitable for ladies with straight hair. But experts agree that such a cut does not favorably emphasize stout ladies. The girls with massive neck and ears will not like it either since this hairstyle completely exposes them.

 If you are not sure that this variant is what you need, then, in addition to consulting a specialist, you can experiment with wigs of this format. Then it will be immediately clear whether it is right for you or not.


Interesting ideas

This amazing hairstyle is suitable for confident women who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance. Also, it is unlikely to soon go out of fashion – it is chosen by many celebrities almost every season. Properly performed, it can make even not thick and rich strands more textured and voluminous, as it can be styled in the most unusual ways.

Well, such a choice can be very extravagant and variable. For example, many stars bring variety to it, complementing it with shaved hair on one of the temples. Or what would you say about mohawk and a vertical pile? You will agree that the boldest variations will look very impressive and suitable for a rock theme party. So don’t hesitate to make major changes!