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How to Style a Pixie Haircut

To make your hair look attractive, it is important to not only care for them properly but also give them a beautiful shape. Also, any evening or party is an occasion for light curls or simple, elegant, and sometimes sloppy hairstyles.

Hairdressers, who have mastered pixie, do an excellent job with hair of any length and do styling for short hair, medium strands or rather long. While working, beauty salon professionals will help you to create a new image. They will also teach you how to style it correctly, tell you what tools are needed for this, help and teach you how to cope with various devices to create beauty such as dryer, straightener or curlers. Laying done each time in different ways will help you look different, express your mood and allow you to get excellent results.


8 Ways to Wear a Pixie

This hairstyle has at least two important advantages. First, it is easy to care, especially for a short option. And secondly, you can be creative with it. Famous beauty experts transform this boyish solution so interestingly and femininely that it is not a sin to repeat them immediately.

  1. Ribbon. The elegant ribbon is an eternal classic that never fails. With platinum blonde, the black accessory looks especially catchy. However, you may go on: to make your look harmonious, use fake bangs, while the ribbon masks the place of its attachment.
  2. Futurism. Even short hair can be laid in waves. It is best to stick with asymmetry, in the spirit of elegant and wealthy ladies of the Gatsby era. If there is not enough volume, you can always use slightly longer overhead strands.
  3. Accessories. Hair accessories are in trend again, which means that you are not limited by anything – all hairpins of the world, as well as flowers, gems, feathers, are at your disposal.
  4. Glitter. Just mix strong fixation gel with shimmering particles and you are the star of the party. This is top advice from red Hollywood carpets and celebrities. Keep it in mind
  5. Precious patterns application on strands or curls. With an unusual pattern of silver and golden particles, you do not need other decorations.
  6. Print on the head. The option is perfect for extremely short haircuts and fun summer parties.
  7. Eton crop. Apply a bit of texturing paste, and a super always up-to-date image is ready.
  8. Beret. No time for standing in front of the mirror? No mood for something special? The answer is simple: red lipstick, dark glasses plus a bright headdress.

Try at least one of the above ways to change your pixie and you will want to experiment with all of them.