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Amazing Pixie Haircuts

Boldness and courage – it’s all about a pixie hairstyle. Not every girl will agree on a radical change of her image. To say goodbye to her long hair requires a lot of courage. Or your hairdresser believes that you will be cool with a short pixie, and you agree to extremely change your style. If you want to look bold and sexy, consider short hairstyles as they look no less amazing, feminine, and hot.

So there are some questions to answer about cool pixie haircuts:

  • What’s so special in pixie and its options? 
  • Why is it worth giving up stereotypes and dare on an extreme and gorgeous change?
  • What are the benefits of life with a new image?

Top features of hairstyles of this type:

  • This is not just a fashionable female solution. This is a way to add hooliganism and romantic flirtation to your daily look. 
  • A win-win option for short and medium straight hair.
  • It envisages the symbiosis of different lengths in different cuts: elongated on the crown and shortened on the temples and the neck. The classic version looks like this, but there are many other types, with bangs and without.
  • Due to the uneven length, it visually adds volume. If you have delicate strands, it will be a perfect choice.
  • A very short option is a great option for girls with narrow face and expressive features. Yes, this hairstyle will add additional emphasis on your face.
  • It’s not suitable for girls with massive facial features and tattooed ears. There is no need to put even more accent on it.
  • It’s extravagant but risky. If you have wavy and not completely obedient strands, it is better to consult with the hairdresser what variation to do. Perhaps then, you will have to master the special techniques of styling.


A Lot of Variations!

In addition to the classic version (elongated strands on the crown and shortened on the temples and the neck), there is also an ultra-short cut or an option with rag bangs. The latter is one of the most popular. Asymmetrical fringe gives a bit hooligan and insane look. And it does not matter how old you are. The girls with a round face should think about such a solution since it visually lengthens the face. With an oval face, make the bangs shorter.

Hope our article will help you make the right decision. Don’t hesitate to take the first step in the direction of something revolutionary and creative.