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Twenty Chic Pixie Haircuts Ideas-Popular Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are very popular among ladies as they will look awesome with any hair type. There are pixie haircuts that will suit any face shape and can be comfortable in every weather season. When choosing a pixie cut, it is key to note your face shape, skin tone and eye color as they are features that cannot be manipulated. Consider also how short you want to cut your hair and the hair color you prefer.

Super Short Pixie Cut

Ladies who are looking for an all-weather, low maintenance haircut are well suited by super short pixie cuts. Young ladies love these haircuts as they are easy to manage and yet very stylish and alluring. Super short pixie cut ideas include:

  • Icy short pixie cut;
  • Extra short spiky cut;
  • Fluffy double tone pixie;
  • Short Faux hawk;
  • Choppy crop;
  • Bedhead look pixie;
  • Short brushed forward pixie.


Pixie Undercut Hairstyles

Pixie undercut continue to be the most popular of chic hairstyle ideas. It is well-loved by young ladies more so those seeking a sexy and attractive look. These haircuts combine the stylish nature of a pixie with a fearless shave on the sides and back. If you want to spend less time styling your hair, an undercut pixie is perfect for you. It makes it easy to wash your hair and dries really fast as hair volume is reduced. It is the perfect wash and go hairstyle ideas that will give you an amazing look. Pixie undercuts also have a variety of styling options such as;

  • Edgy undercut with side fringe;
  • Sleek undercut pixie;
  • Razor cut colored pixie with an edgy undercut;
  • Curly coif with a segmented undercut;
  • Classic Pixie Cut with Undercut;
  • Chic textured undercut pixie;
  • Choppy graduated pixie cut.


Long Stylish Pixie Cuts

Rocking a pixie haircut will take courage and guts putting yourself out there to cut your hair very short. The result is a totally chic, no-muss, no-fuss look that will save you a lot of time in the morning. If you do not want to cut your hair extremely short all round and still want a pixie, a long pixie will do just fine. An asymmetrical pixie with long top is also perfect and you will still enjoy the benefits of a pixie cut. These are some of the awesome long pixie cuts that are guaranteed to give you a trendy and stylish look.

  • Long top with sweeping bangs;
  • Log side swooped crown;
  • Smooth curled pixie;
  • Long wispy flips;
  • Long pixie with angled bangs;
  • Side parted sleeked down pixie.

These twenty pixies are fabulous hairstyle ideas that will give you a chic look. They are popular stylish and timelessly trendy. They are popular and have been used by many celebrities as their signature hairstyles. When choosing any of these, look for a photo to carry to your stylish so that you have the assurance that you will get a great and successful look.